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Tulsi Gabbard Sues Hillary Clinton In New York-Based Defamation Lawsuit

Talk about hitting her where it hurts! Tulsi Gabbard recently launched a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton. And the best part? It’s based out of New York, where Clinton once held a Senate seat. The lawsuit alleges that Clinton smeared Gabbard as a Russian “asset,” which hurt her chances of becoming president.

Gabbard was recently asked about her feelings on Clinton’s statements. She said, “I’m a patriot, I love our country.”

She mentioned her service in Congress and Army National Guard as proof of her patriotism.

“I will not stand quietly by as Hillary Clinton or anyone else tries to smear my character and my loyalty and dedication to serving our country,” she said. “I’ve filed a lawsuit against her for that defamation. I hold her accountable.”

Good luck to Gabbard, though. The lawsuit seems mostly superficial. The term “asset” doesn’t necessarily imply that Gabbard was knowingly benefiting Russian interests. That’s what will destroy her case in court. She’ll have a tough time proving that Clinton meant she was actively working for the Russians (since it’s absurd). On top of that, defamation cases are already difficult to win because you have to prove how they hurt you. 

Plus, Clinton never mentioned Gabbard by name. 

In an October 2019 interview with David Plouffe of popular podcast Campaign HQ, Clinton suggested off-hand that a particular candidate was “the favorite of the Russians.” When asked if she specifically meant Gabbard, Clinton said, “If the nesting doll fits.” All Clinton has to do is tell the judge that, in fact, she was referring to no one in particular.

Either way, the lawsuit brief says: “Rather than facts or reliable evidence, Clinton’s basis for the Defamatory Statements was one or both of: (a) her own imagination; or (b) extremely dubious conspiracy theories that any reasonable person (and especially Clinton, a former United States Senator and Secretary of State) would know to be fanciful, wholly unverified, and inherently and objectively unreliable.”

The lawsuit draws somewhat questionable claims about the point of Clinton’s statements — claims that might be based in less fact than the statements themselves. According to Gabbard, “Clinton was extremely angry — to put it mildly — that Tulsi endorsed Senator Sanders over her.”

Gabbard said that someone told her “the Clinton team would never forget this slight.”

If true, then apparently Clinton didn’t forget after all.

“These agents then forwarded this correspondence to Huma Abedin (Clinton’s closest aide) and John Podesta (chairman of Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign) to gloat about the beatdown they felt they delivered on Tulsi, writing ‘Hammer dropped!’”